​​Knucklehead The Worst Rapper 

Album - "Cold Winter"

Musical Artist - Knucklehead The Worst Rapper

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Knucklehead is a musical artist from Southside Jamaica Queens N.Y. Taking the moniker "The Worst Rapper" from his politically incorrect lyrics. Known for taking shots at any celebrity without any filter.His genre of music is Hip Hop. His usual style of Hip Hop is Horrorcore, But he is versatile in the art of Hip Hop and has tracks ranging from Trap/Drill to Hip Hop/R&B. He gained notoriety with his mixtape series "Bitch Listen To My Soundcloud" while alternately releasing the "Negative Reaction" Series. His music affiliations include Canei Finch, Nature` FinchJack Thriller​, Spidey Jones, Bun Bunny Melo, NaveIsDead, Milky Zillions, B.B. Zillions, Coal Fire Band, and many more. His latest release "Cold Winter" is an instant classic with songs like "Crack Baby", "Bloodsport", "Devil's Birthday", & "Put In Works". Knucklehead is no stranger to the stage. He's graced every stage in NYC, as well as other in other states. 

Song -  "Dad" Joe Work diss

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